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Innovation Savvy, Inc. began its journey in 2006 as an organization in which Lori Lovens coached and supported innovators and teams to deliver better products to market faster.

The emergence of the Human Dynamics of Innovation
Given the aspirational nature of 'savvy,' which comes from the Latin sapere, meaning "to be wise," Lori was on a quest to better serve her clients and in 2013 became a Kolbe Certified Consultant.

This was an unexpectedly significant turning point. Through her career leading innovation and using Stage-Gate, Design Thinking, and Agile methodologies, Lori was familiar with the patterns of divergence, emergence, and convergence. This new lens of people's instinctive strengths gave Lori incredible insight into the intersection of people and process in which she had been immersed for decades. Her understanding continues to deepen and evolve as she works with leaders and teams exploring the human dynamics underlying collaboration and innovation in organizations of all sizes.

Our mission is to liberate the creative power and potential of leaders and teams to innovate, collaborate and lead together.

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About Lori

An innovator at heart, I am passionate about helping leaders and teams understand and leverage their unique strengths in the context of innovation. My work in the Human Dynamics of Collaboration & Innovation uses human-centered, data-driven insights to help reveal and heal the conflicts, blind spots, and inertia that so often derail collaboration and innovation...and opens new possibilities for creating together.

I earned my MBA from the University of Michigan (#GoBlue!) and have been a Kolbe Certified Consultant since 2013.

I have 30 years of experience leading innovation for Gatorade and other global brands, serving as a VP Culture of Innovation, coaching and facilitating. I've had the privilege of leading and working with teams that delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of product innovation growth and have worked with clients from the Global 100 to startups and nonprofits across industries including professional services, technology, healthcare, energy, insurance, consumer products, and durable goods.

Most of my corporate years were dedicated to leading cross-functional teams and I really came alive in my career when Sue Wellington, the President of Gatorade, created a role for me dedicated to package innovation. I am forever grateful to Sue for her insightful wisdom and leadership.

In addition to my work with Innovation Savvy, I’m a Coach & Advisor for FeelReal, a technology platform dedicated to social justice as well as social and organizational impact, and I am honored to serve on the Wisdom Council of ALTAR, a social and spiritual gathering place for women.

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More about Lori

If you want to know why innovation and teams are so important to me, here's more of my story...

I grew up playing team sports, from boys' Little League baseball to volleyball, throughout junior high and high school.
My original team...my family...is a pretty amazing collection of beings. I've been quoted as saying, "I'd rather be a pet in our family than a human in any other..."
Early adult years were filled with adventure, from diving the Great Barrier Reef to exploring beneath the Great Pyramids of Egypt, from riding a Harley, whitewater kayaking, to (surviving) a sprint distance triathlon.
With a bit of maturity, I've shifted from adventure seeker to spiritual seeker....golfing, cycling and walking.
One of my favorite roles is Aunt Lori...to nieces, nephews, goddaughters and many others.
#FoodIsLove Known for my guacamole, vegetable black bean lasagna, soul soothing African peanut stew, and tortilla soup.
If I were to author a cookbook, the title would be.... A Stick of Butter...or NOT! taking family recipes that contain a stick of butter (or more!) and making them healthier.

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