Most innovation leadership programs and consultants focus on strategy, technology and process...which are necessary, but not sufficient, for leading innovation.

What's missing is an understanding of the

This includes not only their knowledge, skills and experience as well as their values and motivation, but also people's innate patterns, their natural ways of doing things. These insights can explain their actions and interactions...and why you're getting the results you're getting.

Our six principles for Innovation Leadership success:

Maps are useful for exploring the unfamiliar territory essential for innovation.

Innovation is a journey into the unknown and mapping where you are and where you're going ~ together ~ is helpful for taking action and making decisions. 

People’s innate patterns of problem solving determine how they respond to risk and uncertainty.

Knowing what to expect from your people and your team, having insight into our own and others’ innate patterns of creative problem solving in the context of innovation, informs and empowers communication and decision-making.

Psychological safety is essential to tap into your team’s creative potential.

Sharing an objective framework and common language for understanding ourselves and others builds awareness and connection. It encourages vulnerability, trust, and a sense of psychological safety needed for creating together.

Driving innovation demands diverse strengths.

We are better together when we're different, but those differences are often the source of tension and miscommunication until we understand and learn to leverage them.

Warning lights make travel smoother.

Understanding the intersection of people and process in the context of innovation signals the risks of conflicts, blind spots, and inertia and gives you and your team insights into the dangers ahead and how to gain alignment on the path forward.

Navigating innovation requires collaborative leadership.

Unlike functional roles that are often led independently, there's a necessary interdependence when you're innovating that benefits from building your capability and confidence to lead together.

When you bring these elements of the human dynamics of innovation together with your strategy, technology, and process, you'll consistently build your team's capability and confidence to lead innovation and deliver better outcomes.

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Lori Lovens
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