We help leaders who need to develop their team's capability to innovate, collaborate, and lead and care about building trust and cohesion.

While navigating today's volatility and complexity can be exhausting and frustrating, the good news is that your teams can become collaborative and high-performing, delivering on your imperative to innovate. Whether your innovation needs are focused on product development, digital transformation, or client experience, or internal challenges like culture, for three decades, we've been helping leaders like you get there.

Hi, I’m Lori Lovens, founder of Innovation Savvy.

I bring 30 years of experience leading innovation and working with leadership teams and cross-functional teams that delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of innovation growth. I've worked with the Global 100 as well as startups and nonprofits across a wide range of industries.

Lori Lovens

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Tim Dixon, President & CEO, InterOptic
“Lori provided actionable insights that resulted in advancing and expanding our capabilities."

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Lori Lovens
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