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Conflicts and Silos and Teams, oh my!!!

Collaborative teams get more done and have more fun, so how do we take the “Dys-” out of Cross-functional teams? From startups to the Fortune 500, the first factor for selecting team members is almost always functional expertise. Makes sense…that’s why they’re cross-functional teams. The problem is when that’s the only thing considered. Let’s look […]

5 Keys to Inspiring & Empowering Innovators in 2016

New Year! New Goals! Same Challenges!!??! In a 2015 survey by BPI Network, top global executives reported the following obstacles holding back innovation in their organizations: Fear of failure: 42%. Politics and silos: 37%. Resistance to change: 31%. Lack of CEO/Board commitment: 25%. Lack of innovation leadership and empowerment: 24%. The list was dominated by […]