Innovator.Entrepreneur.Innovation Coach.
Lori is a dynamic innovator who has delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of product innovation growth.  In addition to leading innovation for Gatorade, she led marketing and innovation for global brands at Helene Curtis (Unilever) and Wilson Sporting Goods.  Lori also worked as VP Culture of Innovation for an innovation agency, collaborating to develop and deliver their culture of innovation service offerings.  She earned her MBA from The University of Michigan.  Some organizations impacted by her work include Exelon, Commonwealth Edison, Siemens, Constellation Energy, and Transamerica as well as startups and nonprofits.

My work in the world is transforming HOW business innovates…through connection, collaboration and community…embracing the possibilities that open up when we partner with those who share our values and vision to create the future together. My desire to make a difference manifests in seeing the gifts, the unique contributions, each person has within them…supporting innovators and innovation leaders on their journey to building and sustaining organizations that offer people the opportunity to lean into their strengths, challenging their beliefs in what is possible, and building products and services that make a difference in people’s lives…and in the world.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working on teams that delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of product innovation growth and Effie Award-winning advertising. My deep understanding of what it takes to deliver Innovation…from ideation thru commercialization…was developed via immersion in hundreds of innovation projects as Team Member, Project Leader, Marketing Director and Innovation Coach.

An Innovator at heart, I am passionate about partnering with leaders to create cultures in which people and innovation thrive. As a Coach, I thrive on challenging innovators and leaders with powerful questions and new perspectives that unleashes their potential and catalyzes their teams’ performance.

What might be possible if you unleashed the imagination, creativity and collective wisdom of all your stakeholders to create the future together? This question invites the shifting of our perspective to deeply understand the people we are serving and what matters to them. Setting aside what we think we know and listening with our hearts – with curiosity, with innocence, with a sense of wonder. Sensing what is needed, what is right, and finding creative solutions to make it happen…and doing it.

What is wanting to emerge…what is the world, the future, asking of us as leaders and of our organizations? I believe the answers will be revealed through conscious leadership, conscious innovation…and exploring The Heart of Innovation.

Lori Lovens

“A soulful approach to work is probably the only way an individual can respond creatively to the high-temperature stress of modern work life without burning to a crisp in the heat…The corporation, in calling for a little more creative fire from their people, must make room for a little more soul.  Making room for creativity, it must make room for the source of that fire and the hearth where it burns – the heart and soul of the individual.”

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