Our approach to leadership, talent, and team development is practical, experiential, and delivers immediately actionable insights for leaders, collaborators, and teams.

We customize and co-create our offerings with you to meet your specific needs by utilizing human-centered, data-driven insights into you and your team's unique strengths.

Team Workshop

A helpful starting point for any team journey, our workshop is a highly interactive session to help leadership and project teams gain insight into the specific challenges your team is likely to face when working together, to learn foundational frameworks for innovation success, and to build trust that supports collaboration.

Custom Leadership Journey

Fully developing sustainable leadership capability requires ongoing focus and effort by CEOs, Chief Innovation Officers, Project Leaders, and their teams. We work with you to design your customized roadmap, including leader and collaborator coaching as well as talent development, engagement, and hiring solutions, to ensure the long-term success of your leaders and teams.

Our Clients

Client Experience

Angela Sebastian, CEO, Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC

“Lori has given us a common language and construct for collaboration and innovation that is really valuable in meeting our challenges...how we appreciate each other's strengths instead of criticizing people who are not like us. There's huge value for the team, but there's arguably even more value at the individual coaching level...that's the good stuff!

Lori has a depth of knowledge and the experience to back it up...she brings that credibility. She knows her stuff, and her style and energy and presence...it works, it just works.

Working with Lori gives me a lot of peace and I'm grateful for that.”

Andrea Kayne, Professor & Leadership Program Director, DePaul University

"When covid hit, everything went online and online teaching was not my strongest venue. Lori helped me design an approach that worked for me and gave my students what they needed. It was a huge success... I received my highest teaching evaluations ever!

Lori is a right brain and a left brain person, very logical and analytical, understands organizations and businesses, but she's also super creative and has really great ideas. She has lots of compassion, but can also challenge me with a question in a very gentle, supportive way...and point out things that maybe I didn't see."

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