We can predict and significantly improve the performance and productivity of innovators and teams throughout each stage of the innovation process by understanding individual and collective strengths.

The Innovation Matrix™ is based on a four-stage model of innovation with an outcome needed in every stage, each of which is achieved through a differing action. The first two stages, often called the Front End of innovation, include Discovering Insights and Dreaming Ideas. The last two stages, often called the Back End of innovation, require Designing Implementation and Delivering Impact. For more information, download our white paper on The Human Dynamics of Innovation™ here.

Innovation Savvy works with a tool that measures your striving instincts, how you naturally take action, in four different problem-solving modes. Each of these problem-solving modes correlates to a stage of the innovation process and every person has a strength in each mode.

In addition to providing insights into Innovator Strengths, we can also analyze how the strengths of each innovator are likely to impact their communication and collaboration when working with another person whether that’s a business partner, a leader, or a team member. We also have rich diagnostic productivity and efficiency data to discover insights into how the overall energies of the team will impact performance within and across the stages of the innovation process. These insights can be used to create strategies for effective leadership of executive teams, innovation leadership teams, and innovation project teams.


Discover your Innovator Strengths and how they contribute to Discovering Insights, Dreaming Ideas, Designing Implementation and Delivering Impact.

Partnering with others can increase our productivity and effectiveness…if we understand how our diverse strengths create synergy and where our similar strengths can create blind spots. Discover how your Innovator Strengths, when working with another, impact your productivity and communication.

Understanding your Innovator Strengths as a leader can increase your confidence and effectiveness at leading innovation. Understanding the strengths of your team offers you insights on how to communicate with and support individual team members.

“Innovation is found in idealism, in the notion that we all prosper when we are making the world a better place.”

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