Leading for innovation requires continuously increasing your capacity to navigate ambiguity and uncertainty to allow for the emergence of new ideas and solutions.  It requires creating a culture in which people can take risks, where collaboration is expected and rewarded.

Innovation initiatives often fail because of relationships…and those failures put even more strain on relationships…they are the cause and effect of many failed efforts.  It shows up as fear of taking risks and making decisions, as silos, conflict, mistrust and blame.

Our approach encourages building capacity for innovation through processes and practices of collaborative leadership that create a deeper sense of community and shared responsibility for the way forward.

Challenges we can help you with:

  • Do you have a key innovation initiative at risk of failing?
  • Do your innovation project teams miss deadlines?
  • Are your teams struggling with communication challenges and conflict?
  • Does your organization operate with silos that don’t support the successful launch of key initiatives?

Innovation Savvy helps leaders achieve these outcomes:

  • Increasing capability and confidence in effectively leading innovation
  • Building collaborative, high-performing teams
  • Engaging stakeholders in collectively driving innovation
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts and communication challenges

“…a leader these days needs to be one who convenes people, who convenes diversity, who convenes all viewpoints in processes where our intelligence can come forth.

So these kinds of leaders do not give us the answers, but they help gather us together so we can discover the answers.”

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