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Idealism & Pragmatism, the “yes, and…” of conscious business

The headline, “Doing Well by Doing Good” is not a new story, but the intrigue for me was Fortune featuring it on the cover (http://fortune.com/2015/08/20/introducing-change-the-world-list/) of their September 1 issue.  Referring to the renewed attacks on capitalism in the 21st century, Alan Murray writes “The Friedmanites and Randians among us will dismiss such attacks as another […]

5 Minds for…Innovation

Howard Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future offers a framework for succeeding in a world of accelerating change and information overload, ways of thinking that are essential to thrive as citizens of the twenty first century. Gardner’s groundbreaking theory of Multiple Intelligences identified distinct cognitive capabilities that make each of us unique. The 5 Minds […]